WR2 & WR2-48 Series Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensors (2024)

Superior responsiveness to rainfall and cold temperatures, save up to 35% on water usage

Rain and rain/freeze sensors are becoming "must have" components for irrigation systems these days. Rain Bird designed the new WR2 wireless sensor to exceed the standard. With revolutionary features, this sensor saves time, improves system performance and enhances your reputation as a water management expert.

Reliable signal transmission and other innovations deliver superior responsiveness to rainfall and cold temperatures, while user-friendly features cut installation and programming time in half. Choose your own rainfall set points and save up to 35% on water usage while promoting lush, beautiful landscapes.

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WR2 & WR2-48 Series Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensors (8)


Installs faster with one-person

Rain Bird designed the WR2 so that one person can install it quickly and easily. Signal strength is displayed on both the sensor unit and the controller interface. The sensor's innovative versatile mounting bracket quickly attaches securely to a gutter or any vertical surface, such as a fence or wall

Easier to use and program

Programming the WR2 is simplified for fast set-up. In just a few seconds, you can select set points, program the irrigation modes and save your default. On the controller interface, all settings are displayed on the easy-to-read LCD screen, so you can see signal strength, rain and temperature set points, battery life and more at a glance. Unlike other rain sensors, the WR2 has a long-lasting battery that's quick and easy to replace

Superior signal reliability

Signal strength is displayed on the controller interface using familiar cell phone icons. Dual antennas safeguard the system from signal interference by radios, mobile phones, power lines, etc. The WR2 system overcomes most line-of-sight obstructions so you have freedom in locating the sensor. Weather data is updated every 45 seconds to ensure the most reliable communication between sensor and controller


Enhanced antenna array provides superior signal reliability that overcomes most line-of-sight obstructions

Sensor signal strength indicator enables one person set up, reducing installation time

Convenient adjustment and monitoring of rain or freeze settings at the controller interface

Simple battery replacement without the need to disassemble the sensor

Highly intuitive icon-driven controller interface simplifies programming

Easy to install, self-leveling sensor bracket mounts to flat surfaces or rain gutters

Antennas concealed within the units for greater visual appeal and product robustness

"Quick Shut Off" interrupts active irrigation cycle during a rain event


Electrical Specifications

Application: suitable for use with 24 VAC controllers (with or without pump start / master valve)

Electrical rating suitable for use with up to six 24VAC 7VA solenoids plus an additional master valve or pump start that does not exceed 53VA

Controller Interface Wire: 30" (76 cm) length of #22 gauge (0.64 mm) UV resistant extension wire

FCC approved spread spectrum 2 way radio transceivers with FCC Class B approvals

Signal transmission distance of 700' (213.4 m) Line of Sight

Battery life: four or more years under normal operating conditions

6 KV surge / lightning protection


cULus [US and Canada], FCC Part 15c [US], ISED RSS-210 [Canada], CE [European Union], RCM [Australia and New Zealand], Smart Approved WaterMark [Australia], ICASA [South Africa]

Mechanical Properties

Adjustable rainfall settings from 1/8" – 1/2" (3 – 13 mm)

Adjustable low temperature settings from 33°F – 41°F (0.5° – 5°C)

Three irrigation modes to select: Programmed, Suspend Irrigation for 72 hours, Override sensor for 72 hours

The WR2-48 model replaces the Suspend Irrigation for 72 Hours mode with 48-Hour Irrigation Hold Active mode

"Quick Shut Off" suspends active irrigation cycle within approximately two minutes

High-grade, UV resistant polymer units resist harmful environmental effects

Model Comparison

North America (916 MHz)

  • WR2-RFC: Rain + Freeze Combo
  • WR2-48: Rain + Freeze Combo with 48-hour hold
  • International (868 MHz)

  • WR2-RFC-868: Rain + Freeze Combo
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    WR2 & WR2-48 Series Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensors (2024)
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