The Greg Gutfeld Show Highlights: Tyrus Talks About His Beginnings (2024)

The latest episode of former WCW President Eric Bischoff’s podcast, Bischoff on Wrestlingis now available and features appearances from pro wrestler/The Greg Gutfeld Show’s Tyrus and former WCW Superstar Scott Norton.

You can find some of Tyrus’ comments transcribed below.

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On how he originally got brought on as a guest for The Greg Gutfeld Show:

Tyrus: I was just messing around on Twitter one day and I said to Greg about one of the jokes on his show, “I got it. It took me a minute but I got it.” He said, “You know I’ve watched you. You’re a pretty funny guy. Have you ever thought about coming on and doing the show?” I was like, “Are you serious?!” He was like, “Yeah, I’ll give you a shot.”

On how he was received after his first appearance:

Tyrus: The first show went pretty well. Gregsaid, “I’d like to bring you back twice a month.” I was like, “Really?!” He said, “Yeah, if you lived in New York I’d make you my co-host.” I thought, “Oh, this guy is just messing with me.” I watched it back and I’m my own worst critic. It was ok. It wasn’t bad. Then I started doing it more and more and just got really comfortable. Eventually I started not doing any bookings because I was doing Greg’s show. I figured in wrestling I’ve got it. Wrestling I’ve got. I’m as good as I’m going to get. I’m where I’m at with it. I would rather, if I can, get paidto be doing something new. At the time I wasn’t getting paid to do The Greg Gutfeld Show. They took care of my travel and stuff. I was basically working almost like as an internship hoping that it turns in to something. It could turn in to nothing because… you know how it is in entertainment. They change their minds. Greg thinks I’m great but his boss could be like, “Who is this giant tattooed wrestler?” We get treated differently aswrestlers. Sometimes we’re just a hiccup better than p*rn. It’s hard to cross over for us. The Rock and Cena and Stone Cold did but they had to be huge, huge stars to cross over. I did some pretty good things in WWE but it wasn’t to the point where I was a household name or anything like that. It just kind of grew and grew to the point the executives were like, “This guy is funny and talented.” Then it wasn’t so much “Tyrus the wrestler” it was more like I was a news contributor.

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Eric and Nick start the show off by talking about Goldberg’s old school 86 second squash match style victory over Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series. As well as Goldberg’s announcement that he has entered the Royal Rumble and what his WWE future may look like

Eric then welcomes his first guest pro wrestler and regular contributor to the The Greg Gutfeld Show, Tyrus (aka Brodus Clay). During his appearance Tyrus opens up to Eric about:

  • His tumultuous childhood
  • Getting recruited by Tommy Dreamer after a bar fight
  • Working as Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard
  • His run in WWE
  • How he was hired for The Greg Gutfeld Show
  • More…

Eric then moves on to answer some fan questions from the #BischoffOnWrestling mailbag including:

  • The Refer-eye Cam from early 90’s WCW. Whose idea was it and how did the refs react to having to wear a helmet?
  • Why Evolution didn’t take off like the Four Horseman
  • If he had any difficulty working with Tank Abbott during his WCW run in 2000

Eric then closes the show with his second guest former WCW & NJPW Superstar Scott Norton. Norton goes in to detail with Eric about:

  • His desire to return to professional arm wrestling competition
  • How he was brought in to the business
  • Being a big man in Japan and dealing with his claustrophobia
  • His and Eric’s trip to North Korea to wrestle for Enoki
  • Scott and Eric’s memories of Muhammad Ali on that trip
  • More…

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You can listen to the full archives from Bischoff on Wrestling in the embedded audio player below:

The Greg Gutfeld Show Highlights: Tyrus Talks About His Beginnings (2024)


Are Greg Gutfeld and Tyrus friends? ›

A year later, Tyrus called out Greg Gutfeld on Twitter. Thus began a friendship and the rest is history. He's been appearing on Gutfeld's programs ever since as well as contributing to various other Fox News Channel hit programs, including Outnumbered, Fox & Friends, The Five and The Daily Briefing.

How many children does Tyrus have? ›

Who are Tyrus children? Tyrus has five children. He only has one biological child with his current wife, Ingrid Rinck, while the other four are from their previous relationships. The wrestler has two stepsons, a son and a daughter from his former relationship.

What is Tyrus' salary? ›

Key Points. 1 Tyrus has recently signed a 5-year deal with Fox News, earning him $2 million in annual salary. 2 Tyrus net worth is estimated to be $5 million after this deal.

How much does Tyrus Murdoch weigh? ›

KEARNEY – When opportunity knocks, George "Tyrus" Murdoch doesn't just open the door. He tears it off the hinges using his massive 6-foot-7, 375-pound frame.

Are Kat Timpf and Tyrus friends? ›

Tyrus and Kat Timpf have an unexpected friendship. The former is a heavyweight wrestling champion, while the latter is a news analyst and a comedian. And somehow, they always find topics to talk about in The Tyrus and Timpf Podcast.

What did Tyrus do for a living? ›

A former professional wrestler for the WWE, TNA and NWA, Tyrus has been a contributor to Fox News for years, most frequently appearing on Greg Gutfeld's primetime program. he also hosted a pair of shows for the Fox Nation streaming service: Un-PC, and Nuff Said.

How did Tyrus meet Greg Gutfeld? ›

On how he originally got brought on as a guest for The Greg Gutfeld Show: I was just messing around on Twitter one day and I said to Greg about one of the jokes on his show, “I got it. It took me a minute but I got it.” He said, “You know I've watched you. You're a pretty funny guy.

Where did Tyrus go to college? ›

KEARNEY — In 1998, George “Tyrus” Murdock said he left Kearney “with my tail between my legs.” The future Fox News personality had earned a teaching degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney, but couldn't afford the gown to attend the graduation ceremony.

What is Kat Timpf's salary at Fox? ›

As a Co-Host, Kat Timpf earns a $1.5 million salary. For her contributions to Podcasts and other shows on Fox, Kat Timpf earns an additional $500,000 income.

How much does Peter Doocy make a year? ›

Peter earns a salary of $2.8 million annually from Fox News.

Was Tyrus adopted? ›

Rebekah is Tyrus's birthmother. He has another mother, also named Rebekah. She's his adoptive mother.

Does Tyrus have a brother? ›

Meet Little Brother Tyrus and Big Brother Shawn.

What is Greg Gutfeld's salary from Fox? ›

Highlights. Greg Gutfeld has a net worth of $150 million USD as of 2024. He earns a $24 million salary annually from his employer, Fox News.

Is Tyrus related to Rupert Murdoch? ›

She says Tyrus, whose legal name is George Murdoch (no relation to Rupert), made unwanted sexual advances and sent her inappropriate texts while they worked together on Un-pc. The host says after Murdoch learned she had a boyfriend he retaliated against her and created a ...

Who is Greg Gutfeld in a relationship with? ›

Gutfeld has been married to Elena Moussa since 2004. He met the former Russian model, fashion stylist and photo editor in London, where he lived for three years. The couple does not have children. They got married in small ceremony in New York while both were working in the U.K.

Why is Greg Gutfeld paid so much? ›

Gutfeld has multiple jobs at Fox News, including being a co-host on The Five and hosting Gutfeld!. Given the popularity of those two shows, he likely makes a really nice salary. Gutfeld has an estimated salary of $7 million a year, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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