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‎The Gazette Members Profile, Facts & Ideal Types
The Gazette Members Profile (Updated!) - Kpop Profiles (1)
The Gazette (ガゼット), also stylized as The GazettE is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2002, currently consisting of Kai, Aoi, Uruha and Ruki. On April 16th, 2024, the band’s official website announced Reita‘s passing. They are signed under Sony Music Records.

The Gazette Fandom Name:Sixth Gun
The Gazette Official Fan Color:

The Gazette Logo:
The Gazette Members Profile (Updated!) - Kpop Profiles (2)

The Gazette Official Sites:
Facebook: the GazettE Official
Twitter: @theGazettESTAFF
Instagram: @the_gazette_official
YouTube: the GazettE OFFICIAL YouTube Channel
Spotify: the GazettE
Line: the GazettE

The Gazette Members Profile:
The Gazette Members Profile (Updated!) - Kpop Profiles (3)
Stage Name: Kai (戒)
Birth Name: Uke Yutaka (受 毛豊)
Position: Leader, Drummer, Backing Vocalist
Birthday: October 28, 1981
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Birthplace: Tokushima, Japan
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @gazette_kai_

Kai Facts:
– He joined the group after Yune’s departure.
– He is an only child.
– Kai was previously in bands such as La’DeathopiA, Mareydi†Creia.
– His favorite season is Winter because of the snow and holidays.
– He likes cooking, apple juice, videogames and mayonnaise.
– He is considered the leader and ‘mom’ of the group by other members.
– His charming point is his smile and kindness.
– His weakest point is forgetfulness.
– Kai’s message is: “Our hearts are always as one!”
– His quote is:”I guess life isn’t all that easy, meh. However, the harder life hits me down, the more I understand it. At first, everything looked so easy. And then… well if you have that kind of mindset, a lot will happen to you. You certainly cannot be a huge success every time you try and go for it so…
Kai’s ideal type: “A motherly person who will welcome me with “Welcome home!” when I return home”

The Gazette Members Profile (Updated!) - Kpop Profiles (4)
Stage Name: Aoi (葵)
Birth Name: Shiroyama Yuu (城山優)
Position: Rhythm/Acoustic Guitarist, Backing Vocalist
Birthday: January 20, 1979
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 171 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Birthplace: Mie Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @official_aoi
Instagram: @aoi_thegazette

Aoi Facts:
– Aoi was previously in bands such as Mervilles, Artia.
– He has two older siblings.
– He likes playing the guitar, taking warm baths, surfing.
– Aoi’s charming point is reportedly his whole body.
– His weakest points are that he is hot-headed and grumpy.
– Aoi’s message is: “Love & peace!”
– He is the oldest member of the band.
– His strong point is his sexiness.
– Aoi doesn’t like it when a person gets jealous easily.
– His quote is: “I feel that, if you went on to pursue your dreams, something inside of you will change. And even if you couldn’t realise you dreams, but you’ve worked hard for it – you’ve already progressed forward in life. You’ll grow stronger in other aspects as well.”
Aoi’s ideal type: Someone who’s gentle and good at cooking.

The Gazette Members Profile (Updated!) - Kpop Profiles (5)
Stage Name: Uruha (麗)
Birth Name: Takashima Kouyou (高島宏陽)
Position: Lead/Acoustic Guitarist, Backing Vocalist
Birthday: June 9, 1981
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: O

Uruha Facts:
– Uruha was previously in bands such as Karasu, Ma’die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose.
– He has two older sisters.
– He is the tallest member of the group.
– He likes drinking champagne and cutting movies.
– Pace is both his strong & weak point.
– Uruha has two nephews.
– When Uruha stays the night at other members houses, he steals their beds and makes them sleep on the floor/couch.
– Uruha says one of his memories is being chased by a member of the Yakuza (Japanese mafia).
– He dislikes anyone with a bad personality.
– His quote/message is: “Whatever happens, don’t give up on your dream! Be strong that no one can control you!
Uruha’s ideal type: A gentle & grown-up person.

The Gazette Members Profile (Updated!) - Kpop Profiles (6)
Stage Name: Ruki (ルキ)
Birth Name: Takanori Matsumoto (松本たかのり)
Position: Lead Vocalist, Occasional Guitarist, Youngest
Birthday: February 1, 1982
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 162 cm (5’3¾”)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: B
Twitter: @RUKItheGazettE
Instagram: @ruki_nilduenilun

Ruki Facts:
– Ruki was previously in bands such as Mikoto, Ma’die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose.
– He has an older brother.
– He is the shortest and youngest member; his charming point is his height.
– He likes fashion (he designed the band’s merch), shopping, tattoo art, jewelry, dying his hair, music, photography.
– His weak point is his self-consciousness.
– Ruki dislikes strawberries.
– His strong point is his genuine side.
– Ruki’s message is: “Let’s start from the bottom”.
– A girl glancing at him could make him blush.
– His quote is: “When you’re alive, dissatisfaction is unavoidable.”
Ruki’s ideal type: A self-aware & wonderful person.

Member for Eternity:
The Gazette Members Profile (Updated!) - Kpop Profiles (7)
Stage Name: Reita (れいた)
Birth Name: Suzuki Akira (鈴木晃)
Position: Bassist, Backing Vocalist
Birthday: May 27, 1981
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Height: 172 cm (5’8″)
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type: A
Twitter: @gazette05Reita
Instagram: @reita_the_gazette_

Reita Facts:
– Reita was previously in bands such as Karasu, Ma’die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose.
– He had an older sister.
– Reita’s strong point was himself being gentle.
– He liked watching movies, pasta, bikes, cars, kit-kats.
– His weak point was his stubborness.
– Reita didn’t like vegetables, mushrooms and shellfish.
– His charming point was his butt…XD
– He had a collection of rock-themed DVD’s.
– Reita didn’t like it when someone was vulgar.
– His quote/message was: “I’m always thinking I want to do the best I can. It’s better to try and fail rather than let a good chance go by.”
– On April 16th, 2024, it was announced by the official website of the band that Reita had sadly passed away a day prior.
Reita’s ideal type: A womanly giving and mature person.

Former Member:
The Gazette Members Profile (Updated!) - Kpop Profiles (8)
Stage Name: Yune (由寧)
Birth Name:
Position: Drummer
Birthday: February 7
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Birthplace: Japan
Blood Type: B

Yune Facts:
– Aliases: 由寧 (Yuu Yasushi), ユネ (Yune), Dekith.
– He was the drummer of the band between 2002-2003.
– He was also the drummer of More, König, and 蛇鐘-jabell-.
– Yune sadly passed away on December 28th, 2022.

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The Gazette Members Profile (Updated!) - Kpop Profiles (2024)


What happened to Reita the GazettE? ›

The website of the visual kei band the Gazette (stylized as the GazettE) sadly announced that the group's bassist Reita passed away on April 15. He was 42. No further information was given about his death.

Who is the lead singer of the GazettE? ›

The band began in 2002 with Ruki (vocals), Reita (bass) and Uruha (lead guitar) in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Is the GazettE visual kei? ›

The Gazette (ガゼット Gazetto), stylized as the GazettE, is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in early 2002, and currently signed to Sony Music Japan's VVV Records.

How old is Ruki Gazette? ›

Real nameMatsumoto Takanori (松本 貴之)
Aliasesルキ (ruki) 霧緋 (kirihi) 切茜 (Kirua) 楓 (kaede)
Date of birthFebruary 1, 1982
9 more rows

When did Reita join the GazettE? ›

With the stage name Reiki (澪祁), his first group was called Karasu and disbanded in 2001. In the same year, he joined Ma'die Kusse and soon after moved to L'ie:Chris, which changed its name to Kar+te=zyAnose and disbanded in 2002. Still in 2002, he formed The Gazette and changed his stage name to Reita. Until the group ...

Is visual kei a goth? ›

While visual kei acts can be of any music genre, it originated with bands influenced by glam rock, heavy metal, punk rock and gothic rock.

Is visual kei still alive? ›

Even though visual-kei bands still exist, they are now called neo-visual-kei and some music journalists officially announced that the original spirit of visual-kei rock died in the mid 2000s.

Is visual kei male or female? ›

Though there are some examples of women involved in the practice, such as the group Danger Gang or Kuroneko, the lead vocalist for Onmyo-za, the vast majority of visual kei musicians are men who either cross-dress as women or adopt flamboyant androgynous personae.

What ethnicity is Ruki bizarre? ›

Ruki Bizarre Bio

His real name is Ruki Novruzov, and he was born in Azerbaijan but currently resides in Georgia. Ruki has become popular on TikTok due to his humorous and entertaining videos that are often focused on lip-syncing and dancing.

What was the first album of the GazettE band? ›

Disorder (stylized as DISORDER) is the debut album by Japanese rock band the Gazette, released on October 13, 2004 by PS Company, including the single "Zakurogata no Yūutsu" (ザクロ型の憂鬱).

Is the GazettE metal? ›

The GazettE, previously known as ガゼット (Gazetto) and stylized as "the GazettE", is a visual kei metal band signed to PS Company.

What is considered visual kei? ›

Visual kei (aka visual rock) is a Japanese musical style that started in the late 1980s. Visual kei was influenced by glam rock. Visual kei artists use striking fashion and theatrical performances to highlight their music. Early visual kei bands were strongly influenced by glam rock and heavy metal.

What Vkei subgenre is the GazettE? ›

the GazettE
GenresAlternative metal Metalcore Nu metal Hardcore punk
LabelsPS Company/KING RECORDS Matina/Eternal (2002 - 2003)
6 more rows

What makes a band visual kei? ›

Flamboyant dress, garish make-up, elaborate hair styles and outrageously dramatic live performances define visual kei (visual style), a genre noted more for its capacity for self-expression than any particular style of music.

Is Dir en Grey still visual kei? ›

Numerous stylistic changes have made the genre of their music difficult to determine, though it is generally considered to be a form of metal. Originally a visual kei band, the members later opted for more subtle attire, but have continued to maintain a dramatic image on stage.

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