How To Transfer Money from Netspend to Chime In Less Than a Minute? (2024)

With online transactions hitting the heights of feasibility for its customers, how to transfer money from Netspend to Chime is a question becoming too common nowadays!

What Will We Talk About Here?

  • You can transfer money from Netspend to Chime by Open Netspend > Add Money > Open Chime > Link Bank > Link Netspend Account > Transfer Money > Amount of Money > Confirm Transaction.
  • The transfer of money in this case can take up to 5 days.
  • Transfer fee and limits are variable.

…and Much More!

How To Transfer Money from Netspend to Chime?

Netspendis one of the Global payment companies that allow you to make purchases at various locations through Netspend cards. In comparison, Chime is yet another financial service provider offering mobile banking services to people.

To transfer money from Netspend to Chime, please follow the below-mentioned steps, and you are good to go!

Netspend Account and Routing Number

These are the two essentials you need to transfer money from Netspend to Chime.

  1. First, you need toLog Into your Netspend account.
  2. Now, select the option ofAdd Money/Transfer Money.
  3. Look for theaccountandrouting numberfor your card.

These processes can be carried out either through the Netspend website or mobile application.

  1. Now, go tothe Chime Website
  2. Then you need to get to theChime website or Chime mobile app.
  3. Click onSettings.
  4. You will come across an option oflinking a Bank Account.
  5. Here, you will select your respectivebank account.
  6. Before proceeding, look carefully forNetspendin the provided list of banks.
  7. If you find one, Select it.
  8. If not, you need to look for another associated bank with your Netspend card.

Log In Details of The Bank

Now, you need to come to the prime step, i.e., linking the Netspend account to Chime Bank by entering all the necessary details.

  1. Open theChime App. There you will see an option toMove Money. Select it.
  2. Go to theTransfersoption.
  3. Now, chooseNetspendfrom the list.
  4. Enter the amountyou wish to send.

Is Flashpay ID Necessary for Netspend to Chime Money Transfer?

No, Flashpay ID is not necessary to transfer money from Netspend to Chime. Flashpay ID serves different purposes, and your friends and family can use it to send you money. Flashpay ID can be obtained from theOnline Account Center.

Netspend To Chime Money Transfer Time

The transfer from Netspend to a Chime account can vary with the various channels you use formaking a transfer. Transfers are only processed on business days.

  • If you wish to make an urgent transfer, doing it online is convenient for all as money will instantly be available to the recipient’s Chime account.

If the transfer is made using Western Union service, you will have to wait for about 3-5 business days. If you are using PayPal to transfer money from Netspend to Chime, the transfer time is up to 5 business days.

The reason these transfers take a couple of days is to prevent any forgery and problems within these channels.

Netspend Money Transfer Fees and Limits

Like any other financial institution that facilitates money transfers from one area to another, Netspend also charges you a certain amount for making transfers.

  • If you transfer money from the Netspend bank account to other financial platforms, you must pay a certain fee.

However, it is free if the transfer is within the same banking institutions, i.e., from oneNetspend account to the other. Transferring from a Netspend account to a PayPal account is also free.

Some other fees that are associated with Netspend services are mentioned below.

Money withdrawal from an ATM$0.25
Load cash on to the card$3.50
Balance inquiry$0.50
Contact customer support team$0.50
90-day account inactivity$5.95

Moreover, similar to Chime and Venmo, Netspend also has spending and withdrawal limits.

For Purchase Transactions and Over-the-counter cash withdrawals, the limit is about$4,999.99after every 24 hours. Whereas, for ATM cash withdrawals, it is a limited amount, i.e.,$325.00per withdrawal and$940.00per day.

Transfer limits to the Chime spending account are$10,000per day and$25,000per month.

Extra Reading

Transfer Money from Netspend to Other Accounts Worldwide

Netspend also allows you to make international transfers by alleviating the problems of cross-border transfers faced otherwise.

  • You can use Netspend cards in any region provided that they accept a debit Visa or a Mastercard.

Its debit cards are known to be one of the best international prepaid debit cards. In addition, you can transfer your funds internationally through Netspend via Western Union to around 200 countries.

If not, you can opt for another approach linking yourNetspend card to your PayPal accountto start the transfer process.

Transferring money internationallyallows you to pay for overhead costs depending upon the country you are transferring money to, along with the amount you are moving. However, with Netspend, you can save a significant amount.

Create Netspend Bank Account – Step by Step Guide

Creating a Netspend bank account is relatively easy. It permits you totransfer money to several other bank accountsin just a few steps. Below are the steps you need to follow to create a Netspend account:

  1. Visit theNetspend Open an AccountPage.
  2. Enter thepersonal informationasked to proceed with the process.
  3. Next, you will be directed towards choosing one of the payments you wish to receive with the Direct Deposit. These could be apaycheck, a tax refund, or government benefits.
  4. Once done,select your card.
  5. The card requires some specifications to be added, which majorly includes adisplay photo.
  6. Customize your card as per your liking and ideal graphics.
  7. Wait for the call of confirmation then proceed to activate the card by providing the correct credentials.

Customizing the card is incredibly beneficial as it can eliminate its misuse if lost because of the picture you add.

How To Transfer Money from Netspend to Chime In Less Than a Minute? (1)Attention! There is no activation fee on the card and no minimum balance is required to open an account with Netspend.

Netspend Prepaid Card Perks and Benefits

Netspend Prepaid Cardsis an arena of topsides, and you can look at all the features and facilities they provide you with to decide if it suits you the best or not.

  • Manage Your Finances

The prepaid cards are a perfect way to manage finances. You can view your current balance easily, and in case you experience any sceptical activity, you can instantly get in touch with customer support.

  • Savings

Another significant advantage of the Netspend card is that it allows you a high-yield savings account, meaning you can get a 5% APY on the first minimum deposit of$1000in your account.

  • Ease and Convenience

The prepaid cards of Netspend are reloadable, and you can control the amount you wish to load onto your card as per the circ*mstances. You can make direct deposits and get your paycheck two days before the actual date.

  • Rewards

Netspend offers you several rewards for being its customer through a program they initiated known as the Netspend Payback Rewards Program. This allows you to get cashback and other personalized offers to the best of your benefit.

  • No Associated Fees

You don’t have to pay any fees for the application process. Moreover, there are no charges for the activation of your card. No credit checks are required, and no minimum balance is mandatory to get hold of Netspend prepaid cards.

The Bottom Line

Fundtransfers from Netspendto Chime are easy and safe.The prepaid cardsoffered by Netspend are a cherry on top with their credible features to assist you in several purposes.

We hope this guide helped you and that now you will be able to comprehend all the necessary details required for transfers from Netspend to Chime.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Netspend Visa Prepaid Card worth it?

This card can be suitable for people who want to manage their finances in an organized way and for those without a credit history. It is a good option, but its fee is a major downside.

Is the transfer from a prepaid card to Chime possible?

No, transfer from a prepaid card to Chime is not possible. It is only possible if the transfer is made through a bank that supports Chime.

How much time is required to get a Netspend card?

Netspend takes 7-10 days on average to deliver the card to your residential address provided while registering the account.

How to transfer money from Netspend to another card?

Log in to your Netspend account and enter the cardholder’s name and FlashPay ID. In the next step, enter the amount of money you want to send and hit Send.

What money apps work with Netspend?

The majority of the moneyapps like Dave, Cash App, and Cleo work with Netspend.

How does Netspend transfer to PayPal work?

You can transfer money fromNetspend to PayPalby linking the Netspend card to the PayPal account using the routing number and account number of the card. You have to complete the verification steps before you can begin to add money.

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How To Transfer Money from Netspend to Chime In Less Than a Minute? (2024)


How to transfer money to Chime instantly? ›

Here are some other ways to move money into Chime.
  1. Make an instant transfer. Link a debit card by adding a debit card number, and you'll be able to move money into Chime – instantly. ...
  2. Transfer from another account in the Chime app. ...
  3. Transfer from another account's app or website. ...
  4. Deposit cash.
Jan 12, 2024

How do I transfer money from my NetSpend card to another account? ›

You can transfer money to family members or friends who also have Netspend cards. Log in to the Online Account Center to and select 'Send Money' to learn more.

Why does it take so long to transfer money to Chime? ›

Why is my transfer taking so long? Transfers between accounts are completed through ACH, which are only processed on business days (Monday through Friday, excluding any Federal holidays). After a transfer is processed, Chime's bank partners ask that we hold the transfer for at least three (3) business days.

Why won't Chime let me transfer money? ›

Limits are exceeded

Your transactions can decline when you exceed the spending or withdrawal limit on your Checking Account, or the available-to-spend limit in your Credit Builder secured account. To view your spending, withdrawal, and transfer limits in your app: Go to Settings. Tap Account info.

How do I transfer money from my card to another account? ›

Using ATM Machines

Insert your debit card into the ATM card slot. Enter your PIN to access your account. From the main menu, select the option for "Fund Transfer" or "Transfer Money." ATM machines typically offer options like "Transfer to another bank account" or "Transfer to the same bank account."

What money apps work with NetSpend? ›

Does my cash advance app work with Netspend
AppTypeWorks with Netspend?
Cash AppCash advanceYes
CashNetUSAPayday loanNo
CleoCash advanceNo
DaveCash advanceYes
18 more rows
Apr 21, 2024

How long does it take for Chime to accept a transfer? ›

Transfers between Chime members are typically instant*. Non-members have 14 calendar days to accept the transfer, or it'll be returned to the sender. What if I send money to the wrong person by mistake? Transfers to Chime members are instant and irreversible.

Is there a limit on Chime instant transfer? ›

Chime does not charge a fee for transfers to external bank accounts, but your external bank may charge a fee. Transfers to external bank accounts typically take 1-3 business days to process. Chime has a daily transfer limit of $2,500 and a monthly transfer limit of $10,000.

How can I get my Chime deposit faster? ›

Just set up direct deposit for your Chime Checking Account. As soon as your paycheck comes through, Chime will make the money available in your account. This is often up to two days earlier1 than it is at some traditional banks.

Can you instantly deposit on Chime? ›

Cash deposits typically post within two hours of a successful transaction. Checks deposited through the Chime mobile app. Checks deposited through the Chime mobile app typically post up to five business days from the date of the deposit.

Can someone transfer money from their bank to my Chime account? ›

There are a few ways that someone can send you money to your Chime account. The fastest and easiest way is to set up direct deposit with your employer or other benefits payer. You can also link an external bank account to your Chime account and request an ACH transfer.

How to add money to Chime account without card? ›

Into your Checking Account with the barcode,
  1. Open your Chime app and go to the Move Money page.
  2. Tap Deposit Cash.
  3. Tap the green View Barcode button.
  4. Take your cash and phone to any of the listed retail locations near you.
  5. Ask the cashier to scan your barcode and transfer the funds to your Chime Account.

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