Fractured Stories - Volume 1 (Returning Home) (2024)

Fractured Stories - Volume 1, subtitled Returning Home, is the first volume of the Beyond comic series in SapphireFoxx Beyond. It was released immediately after the prologue from October 26, 2021 to December 8, 2021, with a total of 44 pages, from pages 11 to 54.


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“A nervous Eva takes a flight back to South Korea to meet her family for the first time since her transformation from Evan. What she doesn’t know is that a mysterious benefactor has taken the liberty of changing the memories of her family and friends to always have known her as Eva. What adventures will the young woman get up to once she discovers that her home has changed along with her body?”


  • Producer: Sam Mokler
  • Writer: Paul Sell



A couple days later Eva is on a plane to Seoul, South Korea to visit her family. She is regretting going at all still fearing how her parents will react to the fact she is a girl now and no longer Evan. She wonders if she may at least be able to see and spend time with her little sister Yun since she's much more understanding than their parents. The plane lands soon after and Eva disembarks. After baggage claim Eva looks around but she is suddenly spotted by Yun who calls out to her and greets her as Eva. Yun comes over and gives her a hug and treats her as if nothing much has changed about her. Eva is confused but tries to just embrace and enjoy seeing her sister after 3 years. The two then head out and Yun drives Eva home. On the way she talks about a few old memories about her and Eva talking about boys and their dream jobs and such but Eva begins to understand that somehow Yun's memories have been changed to make her think Eva has always existed in place of Evan. Yun mentions how she's dating a guy named Woong whom Eva pushed her to flirt with and asks Eva if she has a boyfriend back in Australia. While Eva claims she's too career focused for that Yun mentions a friend of hers from grade school named Kwan she thinks would be a good match for her. This just makes Eva blush however and claim the two of them were only friends.

The siblings arrive home and while Yun remains her bubbly happy self, Eva is still worried. As she goes into the house and is greeted by her parents as if nothing has changed about her, she is even more confused. As her parents embrace her and act as if she has always been a girl she is freaked out but at the same time happy. Her parents talk with her a bit and they mention how she was closer than friends with the guy named Kwan and how the two of them went to prom together. Most of her other friends were the other popular girls in her grade school but Kwan was her only close male friend. While Eva tries to describe and mention Evan as a friend of hers neither Yun nor her parents recall that name and Eva finally realizes that Evan no longer exists in their memories, and she's taken his place. After a few hours and catching up over dinner there's a knock on the door. Eva goes to answer it and finds Kwan. He heard from Yun how Eva was coming home and wanted to drop by. Eva is still surprised he remembers her as a girl now but is happy to see her best friend again. As they talk Eva gets a bit flustered and blushes much to her surprise but also to Yun's amusem*nt. As Eva and Kwan talk a bit about gaming and their hobbies Eva gets more and more flustered and finally Yun jumps in and says how Kwan should join the two of them at the beach they planned to go to tomorrow. Eva is surprised and a bit hesitant but is forced to agree. Kwan leaves soon after and while Eva questions Yun on it saying she and him are just friends Yun brings up how Eva once told her Kwan was her first kiss. Eva at first doesn't remember but as she thinks about it she gets a flash of a memory where Kwan and she were gaming against each other, and they bet that Eva would give him a kiss if she lost. Kwan beat her for the time and the two kissed on her bed. Eva is still not sure how all this is possible, but she is suddenly beginning to see her past as if she had always been a girl. She even starts to recall her life in Australia as if she and the others had always been girls and hung out together. The memories make her feel more at ease in her life and new body but she wonders why the "Blue Haired Witch" would do this for her not realizing it was Lorain who helped her with this part. She then admits to Yun she wants to go through with it tomorrow at the beach and try and make things work with Kwan. That night Eva still thinks about him and even masturbat*s to the idea of being with him enjoying the tremendous pleasure of it all.

The next morning Eva wakes up and Yun gives her a nice bikini to put on for their trip to the beach. Yun asks Eva about a talk she had with their parents about possibly moving back to South Korea. Eva admits she has missed things here and she may at least consider it. After getting ready the two of them head to the beach to meet with Woong and now Kwan. Woong is there waiting for them, but Kwan is a bit late. As Eva watches Yun and Woong get a bit mushy she starts to recall memories of her and Kwan going to prom when he finally shows up to join them. After a minor reunion and talk Eva is quick to start flirting and entertain the idea of having a real relationship with Kwan. She asks him to put lotion on her back and goes as far as to remove her top as he applies it. While Kwan is a bit hesitant, he gently and smoothly applies the sun block but questions Eva on her being so forward with him. Eva admits she likes him and wonders why he never asked her out (trying to play around with him a bit). Kwan says how he always felt she was out of his league and Eva is curious why he seems to think so little of himself. Eva reassures him and the two end up kissing. They both are very pleased with each other opening up and decide to go for a swim together. Yun and Woong look on thinking how good they look together. Out in the water the couple play around a bit and then begin to make out while Eva rubs Kwan's crotch a bit hoping to entice him to go further. She also thinks to herself how moving back to Seoul may be worth it if she can be with Kwan as more than friends. Finally, the two talk about how they should leave and go to game a bit for old time's sake and then maybe take things further. They say their goodbyes to Woong and Yun but not before she pulls Eva aside to say how she's happy her plan to set them up worked.

Eva and Kwan arrive at his home and begin to play some Game Sphere for old times' sake, but Kwan suggests they make it a sexy game. He says that each time one of them loses a match they have to shed one article of clothing. Like strip poker. Eva agrees and the two begin their head-to-head gaming. The two of them are somewhat even matched with Eva winning one to make Kwan take off his shirt and Kwan winning one to make Eva take off her sweater. After a couple more rounds Eva goes for her bra before her other clothing like her shoes or skirt. This throws Kwan off a bit by seeing her topless while they are still playing on the couch. Kwan loses the next round and is left naked on the couch with only Eva's skirt left for her. She purposely throws the match to take things to the next step and they both play one last round naked. After their last game Eva loses and as his reward gives Kwan a blow j*b. After he climaxes the two end their game and Kwan carries Eva up to the bedroom with ease. Once in the bedroom Kwan repays the favor and moves to eat out Eva. Eva is overcome by the pleasure and again thinks how moving back to Seoul would be worth it to be with him. After this the two move on to vagin*l and have passionate sex, both overcome by the pleasure of it all. After they both wear down a bit they talk about how great it all was and Eva thinks she finally does have the perfect reason to move back home. The two cuddle a bit more together and drift off to a nap.

A few days later Eva is having lunch with her family at home and she makes the announcement that she is looking into a few interviews for a reporter position in Seoul and plans to move back home soon if they work out. Her sister and parents are both excited and wish her the best of luck. Soon after Kwan arrives to take Eva on a proper date out and spend another night together. Eva playfully suggests another gaming contest between them saying the looser has to buy dinner that night. Kwan playfully agrees and the two embrace.


  • Seoul South Korea was mentioned before in the SF universe in "My Apprentice". I-Gurr told Isabelle that the Fox was there when she first arrived on his island. While this comic is not considered Cannon, it makes it possible someone Eva knows may have been cured of the Gender Curse before the events seen here.
Fractured Stories - Volume 1 (Returning Home) (2024)
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